Slack Saver

This project is no longer active. Please use one of the following alteratives (no affiliation to us) instead

Previous site for interest only, no longer working

Upload a .zip file of your Slack dump and we will host a searchable public website of all conversations for you. Instructions on how to create it here.

Upload a .zip file of your Slack dump

Here's an example hosted site.


Once you upload your Slack dump, you'll get your own link like the one above within a couple of minutes.

There are currently 8 sites in the processing queue

What is this for?

A lot of knowledge is locked up in Slack communities. Recently Slack announced a pricing change which meant that this knowlege would all disappear after 3 months (change effective 1 September - you can read the details on their blog.)

In order to free this knowledge and make it searchable by your community, you can export a .zip file of all public Slack channels in your community, parse the json files, and create a nice, searchable, public website for your community. But that's kind of a mission, so we built this tool to make it easy.

Interested in custom domains, password-protected private sites (so only your members have access to old messages), automatic updates, and more? Paid plans, including self-hosting, coming soon. Email gareth-at-ritza dot co to tell me more about what you're looking for and what features are important to you, and you'll be first on the list when we are ready!